Policy Resolutions Files

Policy Resolution No. 41 (BM 04A-07-13-2017)

  • Guidelines Requiring Domestic Airlines to Apply Senior Citizens Discount and Persons with Disabilities Discount on Air Transportation Tickets Purchased Online
  • Version: 2017.07.13

Policy Resolution No. 58 (BM 07A-09-23-2016)

  • Creation of Irregular Operations (IROPS) - Response Contingency Committee (IRCC) to Deal with Irregular Airport Operations
  • Version: 2016.09.23

Policy Resolution No. 59 (BM 07A-09-23-2016)

  • Revised list of Requirements for Original and Renewal Applications, amending Memorandum Circular No. 5
  • Version: 2016.09.23

Resolution No. 49 (BM 06-08-16-2016)

  • Regulation requiring the deplaning of passengers & promoting their convenience on occassion of long tarmac delays
  • Version: 2016.08.16

Resolution No. 06 (BM 01-01-27-2016)

  • Implementation of Less Paper Transactions Program Governing Hearings and Investigation before the Civil Aeronautics Board
  • Version: 2016.01.27

Resolution No. 79 (BM 10-12-22-2014)

  • Lifting of Authority to Impose Fuel Surcharge on International and/or Domestic Flights
  • Version: 2014-12-22

Resolution No. 19 (BM03A-04-04-2014)

  • Guidelines in Computation of Cargo Fuel Surcharge by Airlines Carrying or Loading Cargo from the Philippines
  • Version: 2014-04-04

Resolution No. 49 (BM5-07-26-2013)

  • Guidelines Setting Forth the Period Within Which to File Petition for Renewal of Permits
  • Version: 2013-07-26

Resolution No. 44 (BM4-06-13-2012)

  • Motions for the Reconsideration of Resolution Nos. 28 and 29, s. 2012, Suspending the Airline's Option to Overbook and Restrictions on Refundability and Rebookability of Air Fares, Respectively.
  • Version: 2012-06-13

Resolution No. 28 (BM3 05-11-12)

  • Suspension of the Option of Airlines to Overbook Flights As a Revenue-Management Practice (Ad Referendum Resolution 1-2012 Issued 4 May 2012)
  • Version: 2012-05-11