Explain Iloilo airport mishap, airline, aviation agency told

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“I talked to the general manager of Cebu Pacific. I suggested they call a press conference to explain to the people of the city and province of Iloilo,” urged Governor Arthur Defensor Sr.

Normal operations at the airport resumed Monday afternoon after it shut down Friday night when a Cebu Pacific airplane skidded off the runway.

Defensor said the airport’s closure inconvenienced passengers and affected businesses.

CAAP spokesman Eric Apolonio told Manila Bulletin that on-and-off rain after the incident made it difficult to tow away the plane, which was blocking the runway. As a result, no flights could take off or land.

Iloilo Airport caters to 42 domestic flights daily as well as international flights to and from Singapore.

CAAP had earlier announced the airport would reopen 6 p.m. Saturday. But the airport stayed closed, and CAAP had to revise its announcements.

Apolonio explained additional equipment from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was sent to Iloilo to help remove the plane.