NAIA now out of worst airports list

Written by bh0ngg. Posted in News

“The Guide To Sleeping In Airports” travel website survey released this weekend no longer included NAIA in the top 20 worst airports in the world and the top 5 worst airports in Asia for 2017.

NAIA was named as the “world’s worst airport” from 2011 to 2013. It landed in the 4th place In 2014 and while it was not included in the top 10 worst airports in the world in 2015, it landed 8th worst airport in Asia.

Last year, the survey ranked NAIA as the number 5 worst airport in the world due to the planting of bullets (“laglag-bala”) in the luggage of travelers, especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), to force them to pay bribes for illegal possession of such items.

Now, four Philippine airports again joined the list of the top 25 best airports in Asia for 2017: Iloilo International Airport, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport and Davao International Airport.

In order to improve its service, the NAIA implemented reforms such as restricting general aviation to prioritize commercial flights and reduce flight delays.

The airport authorities also imposed the five-minute rule to reduce flight delays and instill discipline among airlines. Under the rule, pilots who declare they are ready to take off must depart within the prescribed time or they would be put back at the back of the queue.

In addition, NAIA built Rapid Exit Taxiways to allow an aircraft to leave the runway at higher speed and increase flight movements.