Seniors, PWDs get 20% discount on CebuPac

Written by bh0ngg. Posted in News

In a statement, Cebu Pacific said tickets booked through the ticket office, call center, the carrier’s website or via the mobile app now reflect the applicable discounts for senior citizens and PWDs on the base fare for domestic flights.

Last July, the Civil Aeronautics Board approved a resolution that requires local carriers to give the discount to senior citizens and PWDs when they purchase domestic flight tickets through the airlines’ website or mobile app.

Following the approval of the resolution, CAB has directed carriers to put the necessary system in place for the discount based on the actual fare including promotional fares.

The discount is limited to airfare and does not cover ancillary services such as food, baggage allowance and seat selection.

Passengers booking tickets through Cebu Pacific’s website or mobile app will need to input details such as date of birth or the number stated on their senior citizen card or PWD card.